donderdag 1 december 2011

VIVI Clothes Christmas Sales Start!!!!!

VIVI Clothes Christmas Sales Start!!!
We have now so many Japanese and Korean winter new collections in our webshop, in the mean time, there is a christmas sales area, you get 50%-70% discount on the clothing. You can find every style clothing in our webshop, we sell Japanese brand clothing such as Japan LIZ LISA, Japan Snidel, Japan Deicy Me, Japan Tralala and so on. We also sell Korean brand clothing. We also have VIVI Clothes Eruopean Collection, those clothing are from Italy(Milan) and France(Paris), so you also can find the newest fashion collection from Milan and Paris in our webshop. If you like unique and vintage clothing, you can look at our LUXURY collection, those are our original design with highn quality.
Visit our shop and take a look:)
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